Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year! New Post! :D

Wow! lol I havent posted in many, many,MANY gonna try and post after every big event or at leats once a month. With this one im just gonna post one picture for everything new and it might be long but ill try to keep it simple!
Well.....the snow has come...this is just a pic of our back porch back in...November I think...Its MUCH deeper now
We got a puppy :D Hes rat terrior and his name is Creed which means standing on the Word of God!!!
I was in the play "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" I played Gladys!! I dont have any pics of the actual play :( but here are 2 of my best friends ,during re-hearsal one day, that played my big brothers-Leroy(Blaine) and Ralph(Tim)
The play was GREAT!! We had so much fun!
Catie Callahan gave me a bouqet of red,white,and pink roses after the play! She's so sweet!

Time for exams!!! The most interesting exam was the Biology exam. half of it was an in class thing and part of was fear factor for extra points....I tried to upload a video but it didnt work! But
Thomas stuffed his mouth with 20+ chicken livers COVERED in mayonnaisse(?)
And DANIELLE!! She drank a cup full of smashed up,raw clams in corn syrup!! GROSS!!!and she drank the WHOLE cup!!! YAYA!!!

A few other things happened but i dont have time to upload pics-

-We held a "Miss Alisa Day" for our favorite and awesome history teacher who is not with us for the second semester because she went to stay with her grandma who will be passing away soon:( (please pray for her and her family "the walkers')

-The Dot Lake childrens pageant went very well...Me Blaine Thomas Jeremy and Erica led and taught the kids

-CHRISTMAS/Christmas break- FUN!! I got to hang out with Daron a lot so we had loads of fun!

-I now know how to skii AND snowboard thanks to the patience of Thomas, Daron, and Blaine! lol

-Stephen turned 5 on the 6th!

- School started again today!

-It is currently only -15 outside!!! Lots of you in the lower 48 would probably say"ONLY???? THATS FREEZING!! lol well...its cold but its soo much more warmer then the past 2 was -40 everyday!! It is supposed to be 30 above 0 on saturday!!! WERE ARE SOO GOING SKIING/SNOWBOARDING!!! lol either that or snowmachining!!

-and the best thing...KATIE IS HOME!!! She went to Mexico and DISNEY WORLD!! With her family! Lucky ducks! lol im sooooo happy shes home!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Soccer is over! :(

Well soccer is over! Its very weird...towards the end of summer i am totally dreading soccer and telling everybody i hate it....but then when school starts and we start soccer...after our first game I LOVE IT! I guess im weird like that! :) but the tournament was good. The trip down was dissapointing, but the devotions that night with girls helped a lot! and the next night i was able to lead devotions! It was really cool, i felt very lucky! The JV team only won 1 game (8-0) so we only played 3 games and got 5th place but in EVERY game we played our WHOLE team had really good attitudes and we were always happy! It was such a blessing to be able to be surrounded by beautiful scenery, playing soccer with all my friends against CHRISTIAN schools and it was all in the presence of God. Our JV "motto" this year was "We will praise Him when we lose and we will praise Him when we win" and that encouraged all of us so it was really cool! The Varsity team won 2 out of 4 games they play but they also had good attitudes. At the beginning of their games Blaine would yell out "What will we bring Him?" and the rest of the team would yell back "GLORY!". And in the JV games Katie would yell "Who are we playing for?", we would yell back "JESUS!" then she'd say "And what will we bring Him?" "GLORY!" So it was really cool that our schools main focus was to bring God glory and not to win games. On the way home the JV were FORCED to leave early :( Idk why. they let the varsity stay for the awards so yeah. oh well. but anyways on the way home the ride was VERY emotional and had LOTS of drama :( but included with that i was able to have a very good devotional with Catie Danielle Chelsie and Drew! it was really cool. well i think ive said enough :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

another update :) :D :b d:)->--<

Well i havent posted in i thought id update a bit. Ive been pretty busy with school these past couple of weeks! I just finished a paper on medieval times that was 979 words long. the requirement was 750 words.

Tomorrow the Jr.High and High School will be leaving for the much awaited Soccer Tournament! Every year the Varsity team and Jr.Varsity/Jr.High team go down to Anchorage for about 3-4 days. We play against christian schools in Alaska! Its always fun and "memory making" time! We will be leaving around 1:00,which is after Choir class! The trip is like 6 hours long and guess what.....NO ELECTRONICS!! That includes CD Players, Ipods, Zunes, Laptops, DVD PLayers, Gameboys, etc....and much to my dismay CELL PHONES!!! They dont want us singleing off into our own world with music or something...which I do understand its just......6 hours!! but this will be my 4th tournament so i guess ill live :)
This is a pic of the Varsity playing a practice game with....Cornerstone i think.

My dad left about an hour ago to head to Iraq. :( He'll be gone for like 10 months! So we will all miss him! So please keep my family and him in your prayers! It will be very much appreciated!

Thats about all thats happened! so...yuppers! Love you all! Ill post back and let you guys know how the Tourny went!!

Friday, September 5, 2008


Weellll...good ole school has started up once again! School started on August 20 (which was a wednesday...weird) but i was camping so i missed the first 3 days of my first day was on the 25th but i left early on the following thursday to head down to Valdez! So i got to skip Biology!!! lol This year for my classes im taking World History with Miss Alisa :D, Writing and Grammer with Mr. Sterling, Consumer Math(im homeschooling this subject), Life-Making and Changing Decisions with Mr.Taylor, Choir with Mrs. Weed, Biology with Mr. Donaldson, and Soccer with Mr.Sterling!! So i have a hectic scdeule this year!!

Soccer is going a LOT better then i expected! Our first game was last Tuesday! I was a starting forward! And i had never been a forward before! So i was freakin out when coach said "Kaitlin, left forward!" but after i subed out he said i was doing a great job. But...we lost....but it was because we all got tired!! So this week we really stepped up on the running and today we played against our schools Varsity team! We did GREAT!! Neither team scored any goals so it was a pretty even game! It was kinda funny seeing all them get aggravated at each other cause they werent totally dominating us like they usually do!

We just had our student council elections! Katie Bryan is our class representative!!! WOO HOO!! And our school president is TIM ARMSTRONG!! Finally someone new!!

Go Timmy-bobby-boo!! lol

This year is going pretty well. Im getting along better with alot of my guy friends so thats always fun... Me and Blaine are picking on each other a bunch sooo...yeah! we had little water fight i soaked him then poured out the bottle right before he got it on me! So yeah i won! And Joel keeps on purposely freaking me out by staring at me!!
Im already having to deal with drama!! so like that STINKS!!
But an awesome thing about this year is my best friend Thomas is going to school with us! So its awesome having him around to help keep a smile on my face and be my.."mentor" i guess you coul say :D and tutor! lol

One thing that i really miss is having my big brother come eat lunch with me! Because of his new job he has a different lunch time and he works in North Pole and the school is in Fairbanks :( so thats a major bummer!

Oh and one last thing i wanna mention..............


Sunday, August 10, 2008


Ok well i thought i would update...well Pam and Jon got married yesterday! It was AWESOME! The colors were red and white! Pam looked BEAUTIFUL!!
The Bridesmaids were Alisa(which is my history teacher and drama club director, and she was the maid of honor), Stephanie(She was Pams friend and the matron of Honor), and Shiree(Who is Pams Sister-in-law)! The Groomsmen were Justin(Jons friend and the best man), Michael( My uncle/Jons brother),and Steve(my dad/Jons brother). The Flower girl was madelynne...she was SO cute! and she walked down the aisle with no problems....but she idnt wear shoes :) and she dropped 1 petal!! lol Pam said she laughed a lil at it when she saw it as she was going down the aisle! And stephen was the bible what happened was at the last second he rufused to go down the aisle so i had to walk with him!! I was kinda embaressed but Max and alex said I looked cute :) umm...after the ceremony we threw flower petals at the bride and groom :) It was so pretty!!
Other than that nothin else "big" has happened...Ive just been hanging out with my friends and fourwheeling with Christina....MAN she is SCARY!! I was totally freaking out when i rode with her lol...but it was fun!
Well i better get going...moms yelling at me cause im on the computer...AGAIN! lol but I guess she has a reason to yell!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Im Home!

Well I’m home now! I’ve been home for about 2 weeks. I had a great “reunion” with all my friends! Me and best friend Katie were screaming and hugging and then we kept screaming and hugging. Lol It was fun! Thomas and I hugged and talked a little while but he had to leave. And Daron's hair is so much more blonde! I was like “WOAH” lol and when I saw max I hugged him and asked him how his day was going and he said, “Well it was ok but now its great!” AWW!

Last week was youth camp and it was AWESOME! It was the blue titans against the red Spartans! Titans won! Which was my team! Daniel and Katie were the counselors of the blue team and Pam and Jon were the counselors of the red team! I had all my best friends on my team except Daron :( but we still got to hang out a lot. This year the game guy brought some guns and we got to shoot some targets and stuff. I did a lot better then anyone expected! We each got 5 shots and they were the flying disk things but I hit 4 out of 5! And I got to be in the championship! I got 3 out of 3!! It was so cool! I beat my Uncle Jon! The Services were AMAZING! You could totally feel Gods presence throughout the whole camp and that’s what its all about!

I went to Tetlin on Monday and Tuesday. That was a BLAST! Thomas Tim Jake Allison and I were the teens that went. And the Betters, Dunns, and Mrs.McNutt also went. But it was soo much fun! I was tickled and thrown around and hit a lot but I still had fun!

Umm...I met Britni which is my moms best friends sister…lol. She’s really cool and we get along great.
I think that’s about all that’s been going on since I’ve been back. I’ve been four wheeling and going to the lake a lot. But other than that it’s just been a normal crazy summer!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Trip was AWESOME!

Well today is my last sunday in Michigan. I've been here for about 6 weeks and its time to go home! I've been in the lower 48 for about 10 weeks! I miss my friends so much! And my family too!! But over all I'm really dissapointed to leave. It feels like the weeks that I've been in Michigan have just flown by! On friday my Aunt Christina got married! And it was fun to dress up. I love weddings! And everything was beautiful! But the day ended sadly because I had to say good bye to Justice. We wont see each other for a whole year! It's really heart breaking to say good bye watch the person you love walk away knowing you wont see each other for another year. It will be hard being away from him so long but I'm trying to keep my head up and trusting that the Lord will keep us together as long as he wants. I'm going home on Wednesday night and I'll be arriving in Alaska at about 1 am! I have SO many clothes I have no clue how i fit them all in only 2 suitcases! But I'll find a way! Well I had better get going! I've been on the computer for who knows how long! I'll post again when I get home!